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The Hope U Academy Experience

Hope U Academy students will take an entrance placement exam to determine their starting point in the curriculum. By pinpointing their strengths and weaknesses, we can structure an effective learning experience that builds upon their educational foundation.


We utilize a blended learning approach. The online training portal is a web based portal that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It provides a  management interface which offers reporting on a student's progress, including last log in, to help staff and their worker see if the tools are being used properly. The software subscription is available for a full year from activation and can be customized to the youth's specific needs.

We also offer optional hands on sessions to reinforce the materials being taught on line. We meet monthly for 4 hours on a Saturday to minimize disruption to their normal routine, yet we are flexible and willing to customize training slots for groups of 15 or more youth. In these sessions, we review the module studied in the previous month and facilitate an interactive activity to reinforce the module. These classes are limited to 20 youth to ensure maximum effectiveness and are proctored by no less than 2 Hope U Academy staff members. As thse sessions augment the process, they are optional and can be signed up for individually with pricing discounts pased on group size and number of classes.