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Graduation can occur at any stage in the process. A graduate of Hope U Academy will demonstrate the necessary skills required to live independently.

Hope U Academy freshman, will ideally be between 14 and 15 years of age. Starting at this age will ensure that they will be better prepared to meet the challenges of living independently without a strong support system.

Hope U Academy sophomores who have completed their curriculum, will be very well equipped to step into an Independent Living Program where their skills can be tested in a secure, structured environment.

Hope U Academy juniors will be further along in their preparedness to perform well in an Independent Living Program. Additionally, their coursework will help them develop the Transitional Life Skills they will need before they exit out of care.

Hope U Academy seniors are nearing the end of foster care. By this stage, they will have been exposed to all of the situations they will encounter when they move out of care into their own apartment.

College isn't always the right fit for all youth. Although we encourage enrollment in college, we also offer vocational training programs to assist youth in developing a marketable skill and obtaining necessary gainful employment they will need to sustain themselves.